Do You Know What Roblox Is and Why Children Are Drawn To It?

Roblox is an imagination platform that makes its users innovate or play with several 3D online games — created in 2007, which today has 64-million players each month, and with estimated 178-million accounts. It is an application you can download through your computer, mobile, or any gaming gadget. If children below 13 years play with the platform, parental guidance is highly recommended.

Roblox is described as games designed by gamers themselves. Other uses of the platform is to socialize where users are encouraged to make friends with other online players. Here, the users have a chance to imagine, chat, socialize, play, design, interact, and relate with new friends in different ways. Gamers can create their own game or design a different world with other virtual explorers through the Roblox Suite.


How Does It Work?

The game platform is free to download, and users are advised to create a username and not their real name. They are asked for their birth date, their sex, and a password. When they signup an account, it’s like creating details on a social networking site.

On your profile, you can see all the games you have played, post a feed and view who your friends are, who you have followed and is following you on the platform. Your group memberships are featured as well as the badges you have won. You can also chat with the “friends” you have added in your profile.

Once the account is ready, you can choose a variety of games to play. This will also allow you to customize your avatar and find new “friends.” You can then move on to play any game and use your imagination to roleplay with other users.

Why Children Prefer this Game? 

There are more games to play on this platform. It will help monitor the games you are playing, the badges you’ve collected, and the online universes you’ve created. The platform may look like Minecraft and Lego but have no affiliations with either. Due to having multiple users playing the game, it has drawn more children to have it installed in various devices.

Users can design their games that can be played by real people. The platform then lists down all the popular games the user has played, whether they were the ones creating it or just playing. The site allows a creative and fun way to build and explore, mostly on the 3D worlds. Users can also join premium memberships, where it gives access to limited items that can be collected and traded, and other perks for a fee.

Advice for Parents and Teens

Parental guidance is needed when young children play with Roblox. Parents must warn their kids never to make anonymous friends. Also, have young kids aware that they should never give personal details to users they don’t know. Parents have the option to filter and restrict the chat messages that their kids will interact. Account restrictions can be enabled or disabled by checking the settings.