Tips and Tricks for Roblox Royale High

Some useful tips and tricks can help you get the most out of Roblox Royale High. They will add more fun to your game and allow you to get more diamonds quickly.

How to Collect Extra Diamonds

  • To increase the number of your diamonds, you should avoid spending them on unnecessary things. You can save a few diamonds by skipping breakfast.
  • Glitch into the fountain after art class to find diamonds of different colors and values.
  • Keep flying around to see any gem and grab it. You can fly around after class for as long as you want.
  • There are many diamonds near the windows. To collect them, find “Moonwalk” on “Mood” and Shift Lock while looking from outside. You can enable these in “Settings.” This will help you fly and collect the diamonds.
  • There is a huge pink hidden diamond near the English class. You can get it by Shift Locking from the window.
  • Use our tutorial on a Royale High Hack to get free diamonds glitch

How to Level Up Quickly

  • To level up quickly, you should be quick in your activities as it would help you earn more points and higher points mean quicker level-ups.
  • Go to every single class. Attending every class on time will get you more points.
  • Play smartly. Get your books at the start of the game to avoid coming back to your locker. This will help you be quick.
  • In swimming class, there is a glitch to sit on the lifeguard’s chair. You can sit there before class starts. It gives an illusion that you are jumping even when you are not, so you get points.
  • Do all the homework you are given. For every homework completion, you get one full star.

How to Get an A+ in Each Class

Getting A+ in every class will help you earn extra points.

  • For art class, quickly complete your painting as shown on the screen to get an A+. This will also allow you to get out of class speedily and get to the fountain to get diamonds.
  • For English class, carry books beforehand and answer all the questions. Sometimes, you will get the same question, and you can easily remember the answer. In case you don’t know the right answer, you can Google it.
  • For swimming class, avoid falling as much as you can. Falling will make you lose points, and you won’t get the best grade. Sit on the bench to prevent accidental falling and jump quickly to avoid obstacles.
  • For PE class, reach before the class starts and run while jumping over hurdles. When the rings appear, fly through them to collect diamonds and quickly ring the bell to complete the class and get A+.

How to Get a T-Pose

  • To get a T-pose for running and flying, keep jumping to the same point until the T-pose appears.


With these tips and tricks, you can get more diamonds and points and upgrade your game by buying outfits, wings, shoes, and accessories.